Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello? Hello. It's me. Eve.

So, I have been contemplating writing a blog for many years now. Everyone, it seems, has one except for me. I was pretending for a while that this did not matter, I was OUT living life, not sitting around writing on the computer. But, I am sitting around writing on the computer AND out living life. So where is the excuse now? Hmmmm. Don't have one and so I begin. Step by step.

This all began, yesterday with a typhoon #8 that kept me inside all day. Today, we have the backlash of the storm with occasional rains that are still keeping me from my normal horseback riding morning routine. Instead, I am on Skype talking with my best friend about possible names for my new company and I come across Expat Life Coach, John Falchetto discussing bloggers that have either mentored him, or inspired him to be a better blogger. I begin reading and think to myself: I can do this. I have a huge learning curve to go up, but the delays that I am making--I don't have anything to say; I should wait until I have stories to post, etc.--are only delays and they are getting me precisely nowhere when I want to be posting and enjoying the process of developing a blog and exploring the possibilities of posting. So, here goes. :)